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[toggle title=’Do you offer a payment plan for the course tuition?’]
Yes. The Life Breakthrough Academy gives you the possibility to pay with 3 months installments.

To secure a seat in next month’s Group Training course, you can enroll with a down payment of €150 EUR.  The rest can be paid with monthly payments. However, most students opt to pay it all upfront or put it on their credit card.

The cost of the Solo Training course is €150 EUR more than that of the Group Training. A payment plan is also available; however, most students opt to pay it all upfront or put it on their credit card.

To sign up for training, please click here
[toggle title=’Do you have to be “certified” to legally function as a life coach?’]
Certification is not required in order to begin coaching clients for a fee. Professional training, however, is an obvious first step that will show you multiple ways of coaching people in authentic experiences that position you at your best. Prospects and clients care most about what you can do for them.

Some individual training organizations and associations, such as ours, offer their own certifications. Each vary in terms of time, fees, and examinations required.

For some programs, it can take many months and sometimes years with quite a financial investment to get all the pieces in place. It’s very important to be as professional and proficient as possible when practicing life coaching as you are dealing with people’s lives. Certification is a personal and professional choice based on finances and a coach’s desire for competent training and perceived “credentials”.
[toggle title=’ Do I have to have certain qualifications to be accepted into your program?’]
– Potential coaches should have a strong sense of self, be confident, and be authentic.
– Potential coaches should be willing to grow and develop themselves.
– Potential coaches should be great listeners and filter out their own emotions, judgments and conclusions.
– Potential coaches should be curious about people and have a healthy sense of compassion.
– Potential coaches should live in integrity, tell the truth, and know how to get their own needs met.
– Potential coaches should not be attached to outcomes and can become neutral for the client’s agenda.
– Potential coaches should be financially responsible and act like an entrepreneur and business owner.
– Potential coaches should have balance in their lives and have a strong support system.
– Potential coaches should have good boundaries and know that the client knows what is best for them.
– Potential coaches should be intuitive, direct, creative, and willing to take the chance of being wrong.
– Potential coaches should have a genuine relationship with the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ.
– Potential coaches should have a workable understanding of the Holy Bible and its principles and promises.
[toggle title=’Is Christian life coaching different from Christian counseling?’]
Yes. Coaching is very different from a counseling, consulting or mentoring relationship. The coach doesn’t solve the client’s problems, offer consultation or advice to the client. A life coach comes alongside a person to help them through their challenges to move forward with confidence in the midst of change.

Coaching is not for those who need therapy to overcome disruptive painful pasts, but is for relatively well-adjusted people to build vision and move forward toward the future. It’s NOT about healing. It IS about growing and change. The best coaching is done by listening, asking questions and appropriately responding.

Counseling or therapy deals mostly with a person’s past and trauma and seeks healing or restoration while coaching seeks to help a client get from where they currently are to where they want to be.
[toggle title=’Can you really teach me what I need to know in only 12 lessons?’]
Yes. We can teach you what you need to know to get started in life coaching with a professional and Biblical foundation. It is also an accepted standard that all service professionals need to invest time and resources in continuing to educate themselves throughout their careers.
[toggle title=’Will I have to take a test to get my Christian life coach certification?’]
Yes. There will be a brief, but thorough, written test that pulls directly from your homework and live classes. We also encourage our students to participate in practice coaching with fellow students, but your are not graded on “buddy coaching”.
[toggle title=’Do you keep in touch with your students in an ongoing manner after graduation?’]
Yes. Our graduates are automatically enrolled as lifetime members of the Biblical Coaching Alliance™ and we mostly keep in touch with them through that organization as well as on “mastermind” conference calls from time to time.
[toggle title=’Why do people solicit the help of life coaches in the first place?’]
– They desire increased self-awareness and self-discovery
– They want to achieve better goal setting
– They want to live a more-balanced life
– They would like to lower their stress levels
– They need to acquire the skills for better decision making
– They want obtain significantly increased confidence
– They seek to improve the overall quality of their life
– They would like to gain enhanced communication skills
– They like the idea of accountability for increased project completion
– They must improve their health or fitness level
– They have to have a better relationship with co-workers
– They crave healthy and deeper family relationships
– They want to look at life more from a Biblical worldview
[toggle title=’What do I actually get when I enroll in your training program?’]
– 12 lessons of live teleseminar or webinar training with a seasoned coach
– Access to extremely helpful videos, audios, worksheets, and assessments
– Customizable intake forms, agreements, worksheets, and other documents
– The opportunity to be coached and practice coaching with a buddy
– Access to practice building and marketing materials to get you started
– Designation as a Certified Biblical Life Coach™ (Upon completion)
– Designation as a Certified Life Breakthrough Coach™ (Upon completion)
– Lifetime membership in the Biblical Coaching Alliance™ coaches network
– A listing on the & sites
[toggle title=’What distinguishes your life coach training from other schools?’]
– A program that is highly affordable, highly practical, and highly Biblical
– Solid principles of coaching around Values, Purpose and Renewed Thinking
– Training as a professional life coach from a “Biblical” perspective
– Ongoing communication, training, and support after you complete the program
[toggle title=’Do you only offer group training or do you accept one-on-one clients also?’]
Yes. Presently the one-on-one individual option costs €100(Euro) more than the group training option.
[toggle title=’Do you only accept students in North America or do you offer access worldwide?’]
We accept English-speaking students from anywhere in the world and we also offer an Italian-language version of the course.
[toggle title=’Do you offer any courses beyond your main foundational training course?’]
We have an advanced coaching skills and techniques course and a marketing course for coaches.